Each bedroom is designed for optimal relaxation. All rooms have their own bathroom and toilet. But the true center piece of every room is the Lavital Box-spring. Be honest: in most guest houses that don’t care about how you sleep. With Supergites that’s different. We think that resting starts with a good night sleep.

Room #1

The masters bedroom is the first bedroom on the first floor overlooking the orchard and valley. This room has the most exclusive kingsize called ‘Sapphire’ by Lavital.

Room #2

This second room located in the center of the house and used to be a part of the backery. In this room you sleep on the ‘Royal’.

Room #3

The last bedroom on the 1st floor is the former house of the baker. With its double room it still has its charm of days past. The bed is a ‘Comfort’ by Lavital.

Room #4

On the top floor, once the place for  threshing to separate grains from their husks, you sleep on a ‘Celebration’.

All Kingsize beds are at least 180 wide and 210 cm long (72 x 84 inches) All available covers are doubles, 240 x 220 cm (95 x 87 inches).

The handmade Lavital box springs excel in luxurious, ecological and sustainable qualities, and are made of  Fairtrade organic certified cotton, organic wool, organic flax, camel wool and horse hair.

Four spacious bedrooms