With Supergîtes we aim to make it the best holiday home imaginable. We think it’s time to introduce a new vision on holiday  homes. We want to offer four star hotel qualities with the privacy of a lodge. With a quick break out or a week off you do not have to be put up with smelly sofa’s and sagging beds.

To reach this high end we work with reliable partners who can offer this top notch quality.


A good sleep is essential. Most holiday homes are private owned and are stuffed with everything the owners doe not want in their own home anymore, including their 20 year old sagging matrasses. Lavital provided their top range boxspring beds to give our guests the best of the best. All Lavital beds are handmade and excel in luxurious, ecological and sustainable qualities. They are made of  Fairtrade organic certified cotton, organic wool, organic flax, camel wool and horse hair.

Warendorf / Miele de Keuken

The kitchen is the center of the daily life at home. That’s were all the action is from the first glimpse in the morning till the late night cleaning. It’s important to keep it as basic as possible. Warendorf placed our robust shock free kitchen of stainless steel.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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Partners of Supergîtes