The mill is spacious, offering a living space of 400 square meters and a garden of 5,700 square meters. The mill was originally composed of three parts: the mill, the bakery and two houses. All parts are interconnected.

Ground floor

At ground floor the two houses are combined to an 80 square meters spacious living room that form the core of the house. The magnificent, ancient double chimney in the middle is todays only proof of the two homes. The living room has a sitting area and dining table for 10 people.

The kitchen, next to the living, is another important hub in the house, designed to complete the vacation feeling. The large cooking range has on one side all necessary equipment like, induction plate, hot air oven and dish washer.

Behind the kitchen you can find a small storage room and the washing room with washing machine and tumble dryer. In case you stay longer or by accident need to do some clothes washing.

First floor

The stairs take you to the first floor with 3 bedrooms, a linen storage and a small library with books in Dutch, English and French.

Second floor

At top level is the last bedroom with its 30 square meters the most spacious of all.

All bedrooms have their own bathroom.

Layout of the mill